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    We are dedicated to creating the best products
    and are proud to say that every single
    product of ours is made in the USA.

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    We can generate samples from a conceptual idea
    or from your existing specifications or hard copy pattern.


    We offer a cost efficient means to bring your ideas and concepts to market by offering fully integrated and turnkey services including fashion design services, pattern making services, sample sewing services, and full scale manufacturing services in the USA.


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  • How To Create Your Design

Step-By-Step How to Create & Send Files

  1. James Koster

    Create an account and login.



  2. Coen Jacobs

    Create your own collection by adding your artwork to our design template. Upload link located on each product page.



  3. Coen Jacobs

    Upload the design to the product design page.


  4. Coen Jacobs

    Select the product details available (color, qty and size). *Note the artwork will be attatched to your order. Please review all orders before submitting.


    After you send your artwork, one of our design team member will contact you and review your custom short design and give you more information.

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